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New aXcelerate Releases – July 13th

New aXcelerate Releases – July 13th

New aXcelerate releases have landed!

We’re excited to share the following new features and system improvements launched in June. Be sure to share this update with your team – especially the 1-minute video recap below.

Work-Based Learning Activity Evidence

Learners are now able to record time and evidence against specific Activities when creating a Work-Based Learning Logbook Entry. This enables learners to capture better information about their experience and provide more insight for trainers and admins. You can also customise the information displayed to learners to give a more tailored on-the-job training experience. You can read more about this update here

Dropdown select for fill in the blanks question types

We’ve made assessments more flexible by adding a new question and answer type. The new ‘dropdown select’ mode provides you with an additional format to pose questions to learners in online assessments.

Improvements to reassigning trainers to courses

Reallocating trainers has never been easier when updating the trainer of a Class or Workshop. You’ll now be able to also apply the change to any linked Courses or assessments, ensuring the updates are applied everywhere in the system. 

Improvements to the Online Assessment Attempts Report

Now you can view a more graphical representation of Assessment Attempt Data with newly added chart display options. Easily view and digest the number of unmarked Online Assessments per Trainer/Assessor as a pie chart in the Online Assesment Attempts Report.

Major update to AQTF LE/ES Survey Reporting

Previously the system relied on students completing surveys in the same year they completed their training. We’ve now added greater flexibility, enabling you to select the reporting year prior to sending survey links. This enables RTOs to send LE/ES surveys in the first months of the following year and count those particular responses towards the previous year when reporting on results.

Public Workshop Booking Form available for In-House Workshop Bookings

The enrolment method available for classes and public workshops is now also available for In-House workshops. There will be two buttons available, Enrol Learners and Bulk-Enrol Learners. Enrol Learners will use the new enrolment process while ‘Bulk-Enrol Learners’ will give access to the previously available enrolment form. This change will give users the opportunity to use the newer, more streamlined enrolment process while still giving them the flexibility of using the previous method.

Class Matrix update

An option to ‘View Contact’ has been added to the available actions for each Learner displayed on the Class Matrix. This helps to more easily access the Contact Profile from this view, while still directing to the Learner’s enrolment when clicking on their name.

Prefer to get your updates by watching a video? Learn about these new features in just one minute below:

Not across what was released in prior months or want to view the full list of enhancements and fixes in June? Click here to read the full Release Notes and be sure to share them with your team. 

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