About Us

who we are?

When IT geeks became VET experts,
RTEO was born

RTEO was born out of a lack of support in the VET industry when it comes to the IT and technical side or running a successful business in VET.

The VET space has so many areas that need technical experts but yet there’s no one sharing the knowledge.  RTEO hopes to fill the gap and create a space where people can gain insightful and valuable information, RTEO services and products support the everyday problems faced when running an RTO, a Tafe, or any other type of school or business servicing the VET sector.

So what does RTEO stand for?


Real-time Training & Education Overlay

What does that actually mean?


Real-time Training & Education Overlay

RTEO is primarily a software company which empowers businesses in the VET sector with solutions to everyday problems in running a successful business in VET.

Without having the burden of employing more staff in-house, you can utilise RTEO’s solutions to help your processes, creating an overlay of support to your business.

We provide our products and services as a support layer to your business, in real-time, and use automation as much as possible to deliver outstanding solutions to our clients…

it's like having multiple employees, but without the headache!

Think about all that technical jargon, complex workflows, latest computer tricks, web services, and latest technology in education that you see out on the market, you know it’s good, but you just don’t have the time or the resources to understand and implement them…with RTEO as your extended support…nothing will seem too complex or out of reach, it’s like having multiple employees, but without the headache!

What we do

RTEO Services

Premium Support Services

Do you need urgent support and training with our best-of-the-best. Hire an expert from RTEO. You can requests works to be completed or be trained to do it yourself.

Website Development

Need a new website or need to update your existing website? RTEO can help and integrate your website with leading SMS and LMS on the market.


Website Management

Need us to manage your website with updates and security, content updates on demand, and ensuring you have website experts at your fingertips?


Website Hosting

Get lightning speed websites with daily backups, staging/live/production servers for development, all served on highly secure Google Data centres in Sydney.


System Integrations

Need to connect one platform to another or automate your processes? RTEO can connect nearly anything and automate your procedures.


Software Development

Need to add specific custom software to your website. RTEO specialise in software and can build a solution to your needs.


aXcelerate Online Enrolments

Get specific elements added to your aXcelerate online enrolments integration. RTEO are experts in online enrolments and are here to help.



Have a document that needs converting to an aXcelerate compatible template? Or maybe we have a template already made for your specific needs. RTEO can help.


Axcelerate Training

Need in depth aXcelerate training 1-on-1 or in a group? RTEO are aXcelerate Certified Trainers and can help in all departments of aXcelerate after your initial onboarding.


aXcelerate Setup

Need something specific setup within your system? We are aXcelerate Certified Partners and can help with system programming and workflows.


Behind the Brand

Our Company's Unique Positioning
We have 7 years experience working exclusively in the VET digital space.

Having started Training at Swinburne straight out of University, Dee found a love for Education. Moving into the VET sector first in 2014, Dee worked in the field of multimedia, videography, moodle and eLearning development, then advanced, moving into marketing, enrolments, and mastering the aXcelerate student management system. From 4 years in, Dee then moved into operations, systems integrations, data reporting, and staff training and development, situating Dee in a strong and unique position to take the digital space in VET to the next level.

There's a gap in the market and I am here to fill that gap and share my skills in the digital space with the industry, to propel VET out of the COVID-19 era into a more comfortable, safe and successful 2021. Welcoming RTEO.

Dee Kay

Founder & Head of Digital Business Development