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Introducing Our Premium Support Sessions: Expert Assistance for aXcelerate Systems, Online Enrolments, and 1-on-1 Training

Maximise the potential of your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or Education Provider with our expertly tailored Premium Support Sessions. Designed to enhance your experience with aXcelerate Systems, aXcelerate Online Enrolments, and 1-on-1 Training, our specialists will guide you through every aspect of your educational needs. Book a session in either 1-hour or 2-hour blocks, and let our expertise drive your success.  Buy support hours in a bundle and SAVE!

Our Premium Support Sessions cover:

High-Level Training:

  • aXcelerate Systems
  • Online Enrolments
  • Website Design
  • Website Management

Consulting Services:

  • Business Development Operations
  • System Optimisations
  • aXcelerate Templates

Task-Based Assistance:

  • Updating aXcelerate Enrolments Integration
  • aXcelerate System Development
  • aXcelerate System Audits and Reports
  • aXcelerate Template Development
  • aXcelerate Online Enrolment Development and Updates

Click here to book a Premium Support Session, choose an available time slot, and receive expert assistance tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Please note that we do not accept requests for tasks exceeding 2 hours in duration. Projects requiring more than 2 hours will need to be scoped and quoted accordingly.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your RTO’s performance and achieve unparalleled growth. Book your Premium Support Session today and unlock your organisation’s full potential.


For prepaid hours terms and conditions please click here



Prepaid premium support (PSH) allows for quick and easy on-demand support for your organisation. Once you purchase PSH you can immediately book in a training session or work to be completed by RTEO on our calendar here.

Prepay and save

When you prepay premium support, the hourly rate is cheaper the more you buy in a bundle.  Our 12 hour pack has the greatest value by reducing the hourly rate to $185 per hour.  If you request premium support from us without PSH then we will charge a minimum of a 1 hour job for the request, so purchasing in advance has it’s advantages.

How do I purchase?

To purchase PSH, just select the amount of hours you would like to purchase below and add-to-cart.  Navigate to your cart and pay online.

What do I do after purchasing prepaid premium support?

To book in a training session or request works to be completed after purchase, you can either…

  • Wait to receive an email shortly after your purchase with instructions.
  • Proceed to our calendar here
How can PSH be used?

The following can be booked in blocks of 1hr or 2hr session

  • High level training in
    • aXcelerate systems
    • Online enrolments
    • Website design
    • Website management
  • Consulting on
    • Business development operations
    • System optimisations
    • aXcelerate templates


The following tasks can be requested

  • Updating aXcelerate enrolments integration
  • aXcelerate system development
  • aXcelerate system audits and reports
  • aXcelerate template development
  • aXcelerate online enrolment development and updates


NOTE: We will not accept PSH request that will take more than 2 hours as any job more than 2 hours will need to be scoped and quoted for.

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