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RTEO are Certified aXcelerate Enrolment Specialists

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Have you got the aXcelerate online enrolment plugin already installed on your website but need some help training your organisation on how to upgrade, maintain, add new features, or complete a specific objective or requirement in the plugin?  Purchase and book in some prepaid training hours or custom work and we will be straight onto it.

These products a very popular for current RTEO clients for ongoing support, training and upgrades to their website’s integration with aXcelerate.

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RTEO are certified aXcelerate online enrolment specialists

RTEO has been working closely with aXcelerate’s enrolments team and work on online enrolments daily.  We have special support for clients who are needing unique a custom solutions.

Are you wanting to get the online enrolment feature on your website?

Purchase the online enrolment feature and receive a free1 enrolment template with 1-hour of custom development (normally valued at $420)

1This free offer is redeemable once you purchase the online enrolment feature through RTEO onboarding and scoping

Is you current website compatible with the online enrolment feature?

aXcelerate's Online Enrolment Plugin are not compatible with all websites. Contact us below by clicking here to find out if your website is compatible. Please provide a link to your website.

How to complete an enrolment without any physical touching?

Touchless Enrolments

We have been developing touchless enrolment processes with clients to help them better survive the COVID-19 pandemic from including eSignatures, QR Codes, Customised Templates, Government-compliant digital eligbility forms and so on. Find out how we can help you create a touchless enrolment process directly in your aXcelerate system.

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