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Streamline your enrolments process by moving online with the aXcelerate Online Enrolments plugin for wordpress.  Capture and engage new learners with essential online enrolment features including

  • Course Listings
  • Course Details
    • Provide prospective students with a rich overview of the course
  • Course Instance Lists
    • Display a list of all upcoming course instances
  • Enrolments and Enquiries
    • Designed to assist with compliance and capture important information including upload of pre-enrolment documents
  • Online Payments
    • Integrates with a range of payment gateways, such as Stripe, eWAY and EZYPAY


NOTE: aXcelerate charges a seperate annual fee of $800 AUD for the aXcelerate Online Enrolment plugin installed on a single site.  You will be contacted by aXcelerate to set this up before we finalise the project



Course Listings

Retrieve a list of courses from aXcelerate and choose from a range of themes and layouts. Course type lists display the various courses that you offer. Course lists are typically accessed by website users after clicking on a navigation option such as ‘Courses’, ‘Qualifications’ or sometimes ‘Short Courses’.


Course Details

The Course Details pages provide a website visitor with an outline of the course, qualification or program. Course Details typically include a summary, target audience, content, units to be covered, RPL option, study pathway, etc. You have the option for your details pages to be created and stored in WordPress (which would be the case if you have an existing WordPress website) as a ‘static’ page OR you can create and store the course details page content in aXcelerate.


Course Instance

All upcoming Course Instances will be displayed in the Course Details section for streamlined enrolment. All Course Instances can be edited with ease, ensuring that the most relevant and up-to-date information is available to prospective students. Students can enrol from this page in a few steps.


Enrolment and Enquiries

Our enrolment forms are designed for AVETMISS compliance. We provide two custom enrolment forms, two default enrolment forms and one enquiry form. These forms are designed to collect the information you need to remain compliant while also collecting useful CRM data for your business.


Online Payments

We make sure you capture leads then and there with our online payment integrations.
We integrate with a range of online payment gateways, including: Stripe, eWAY, EZYPAY

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